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As you are aware, last year, we, M/s. Premchand Gokaldas, had organised Independence Day celebrations at the M.S.M.B.P.A Centre for special children, Naaz village on 15th August 2013.

This year, we organised the same at the school with the same spirit and theme of “Importance of Maintenance of Health” on 15th August, Friday, 2014.

The Centre is basically a residential school for special children with disabilities such as blindness, deafness and muteness and mentally challenged. The Blind People’s Association, Ahmedabad, which is a leading NGO dedicated to the service of the blind people, is the organization behind this school.

A total of 58 students live in the campus and the Centre staff themselves tends to the students’ needs and daily routine. Of these students, 8 are orphans.

The school also has about 200 other normal students who are studying from the 1st Std to the 7th Std along with the special children. These 200 students are in and around the nearby villages.

We organised a drawing and painting competition for the students, based on the theme “Importance of Maintenance of Health”. We honored the winners by giving them certificates and trophies.

After a short prayer in the morning of the 15th August, the national flag was unfurled by our Mr N K Swamy who was accompanied by Ms. Jyoti, principal and head of the centre, Mr Anand Shah, CFA Partner & Mr Vijay, from Blind People’s Association, Ahmedabad.

The normal and special children together danced to a folk song sung by their teacher.

The highlight of the celebrations was a play enacted by the students of the school – as the theme was “Importance of Maintenance of Health”, the students enacted a situation, wherein an individual, after excessive consumption of tobacco, gets diagnosed by cancer & eventually gets treated and cured. The students themselves explained the moral at the end, stating that tobacco chewing is injurious to health.

Our staff members also gave short insights to the students of the “Health” significance, which was the theme for this year and the importance of maintaining health of oneself, family & the community and continuous improvement.
Mr Prabhudas Chaudhary, a friend of CFA partner Mr Avnidher Shah, on hearing about this celebration, wished to contribute in his individual capacity, had arranged to give a USB Audio System to the school for their internal audio requirements. This kind gesture was appreciated by the school and the CFA staff.

We gave chocolates to all the students – along with the same, we had organised for poorishaak, dal, rice & Mohanthal sweets for all.

We also gave pencil colours & water colours to the students for their usage in the classrooms. The same consisted of pencil colours, water colors & brushes.

In line with our “Importance of Maintenance of Health” theme, we arranged for the refills of the fire extinguishers given by us earlier to the school.

Our staff members, along with a few students planted 5 saplings in the centre campus to promote awareness to students of maintaining the environment and increasing the green cover, thereby promoting the importance of health maintenance.

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