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Family Day Celebrations

We, M/s. Perfect Traders had arranged for a family day programme for our staff members of Whirlpool FGS & Spares Divisions at the warehouse location on 13/01/2013, Sunday.

The basic concept was to bring the family members together to understand their husbands’ and parents’ workplace and their roles and responsibilities. Also, the family members could interact with each other to know each other better.

Mr Avnidher Shah, Mr N K Swamy, Mr Anand Shah and the undersigned opened the Family day by lighting the lamp. As the day progressed, all family members got an insight into how the CFA operations are undertaken & the roles and responsibilities of each person. For this, each staff member introduced himself and his area of work.

Later, Mr Hitesh Parekh took the family members on a floor walk of the FGS warehouse, explaining different sections. Mr Saumil explained how the defective goods section works. Mr Dinesh Prajapati led the family members to the floor walk of the Spares warehouse, with Mr Kanubhai explaining how the Spares operation works.

We had arranged for a drawing competition for the children & we asked the lady family members to write their insights of the warehouse and their improvements/suggestions about the warehouse. Some of the ladies came up with improvements on the file-keeping, POSM handling sections, etc.

We had arranged lunch for the family members consisting of local cuisine of poori, undhiyo, kadhi, pulao&gulabjamun.

We distributed chocolates to the children and cash gifts to the lady members.